Een heel bijzonder bericht! Ons lid Hans van de Kerkhof (Healey museum) en zijn vrouw Ria zijn benoemd tot erelid van de Austin Healey Club Amerika. Onder staand het bericht dat de Austin Healey Club Amerika daarover stuurde. Gefeliciteerd Hans en Ria!

Hi Hans,

Hope you folks are doing well despite this terrible pandemic that has been facing all us throughout most of 2020. Here is the USA, Covid-19 is running rapid with a person dying every 30 seconds here in America. Let's all hope that these vaccines stop this outbreak in it's tracks. 

On a positive note, we (AHCA) had our annual delegates / officers meeting last month. We did this 100% virtually (Zoom) and had 57 people on the call and it all went off without any issues.

I'm glad to report that we approved making another donation to The Healey Museum in 2021, our intent would be to become a GOLD LEVEL sponsor again. I'm also glad to report that the you and Ria were nominated to become a LIFETIME member of the Austin-Healey Club of America. This is a very prestigious honor, which typically is only reserved for folks that have made a significant contribution to our club (i.e. past presidents, etc.), Healey family members and folks directly tied to the creation of The Healey Marque. You folks fit this definition to a tee with all that you have done and continue to do keeping our beloved Healeys alive! Our delegates voted and unanimously approved this nomination – CONGRATS!!!!! 

I have not personally have not had an opportunity visit The Healey Museum, but it is clearly a "bucket list" of mine along with many other members of our club.

I have asked Bob Gilleland to create a very special wall plague honoring you folks, something that could be proudly displayed at the museum.

Congratulations to both you and Ria, and honor that is well deserved.

Stay safe, stay well and let's all hope for a GREAT 2021.

Gary Feldman, President AHCA